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Canteen Management System

For any organization that manages canteen, this system is an invaluable boon for easier and hassle-free management.

Canteen Management System For Faster And Efficient Service

Canteens are present in almost every business, educational institution, government or non-governmental organization. Whether it is 10 people or 1000 people, managing and organizing a canteen is a lot of work. The canteen is a place where students or employees are provided meals at very cost effective prices. The larger the number of students or employees, the more important it is to ensure that the operations is conducted in a smooth and hassle-free way without any bottlenecks that will result in wastage of time and resources on behalf of the students or employees and the management.

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    This is where the canteen management system developed by Divinity IT Solutions helps to speed up the working processes result in greater efficiency and productivity. It works well irrespective of the number of people being benefitted by the system. It also works whether the canteen is managed by a single caterer or by multiple caterers, whether the canteen management system is an in-house operation or it has been outsourced. It also works in canteens in a single location or spread over multiple locations.

    The canteen management system developed by Divinity IT Solutions works in variety of ways to suit the changing requirements of the organization. It also works to adapt to the different requirements of different organizations. It can be easily customized to suit different configurations. It can be configured according to meal timings, according to individual items or kiosks, according to any smart card applications, or according to fingerprint readers or card readers.

    Through the canteen management system developed by Divinity IT Solutions, the entire operational workflow of the canteen can be automated. This could range from the stage in which purchases are made to the all aspects of kitchen and canteen maintenance, including keeping tab of expenditure and income generated. It can also be integrated with payroll management software in order to calculate any deductions for the employees. The direct debit facility from salary is made easier with this syncing with the payroll management system. Any subsidies are also tracked easily by the system. If any employee wants to pay by credit, that too is easily recorded by the system.

    The transactions for each meal, whether breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner, can also be easily viewed, exported, analyzed, managed, organized, and printed out using this system. The system also organizes all data related to the menu, the prices for each food item, and the daily expenditure and transactions generated for each meal.

    This canteen management system is also environmentally friendly and user friendly as it does not require paper or cash to work. By this, it helps to save money, time, resources, and the environment. It also makes it easier to manage all the data. It gives the data of the salary debit for employees on the credit scheme provided by the organization for the canteen. Handling of account is made effortless and easier for the organization, caterers, and employees.

canteen management system

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canteen management system

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canteen management system
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