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Customized Software Services

Customized software Service is a must-have for every organization,
whether newly formed or already established, as it gives maximum features with great value for money.

Customized Attendance Software For Increased Productivity

Attendance software, whether on independent, stand-alone terminals or online, web-based software, helps to streamline the data related to working hours and leaves taken of employees. This is essential to keep track of employee punctuality and productivity and helps to address issues related to the same. It is also essential data required to calculate salaries, overtime, compensations, deductions, leaves, holidays, vacations, etc. Any error in the attendance software can create catastrophic complications in the payroll calculations. Errors in the payroll calculations will then demoralize employees and damage their trust in the organization. This is why it is absolutely important to have customized attendance software that is error-free and tamper-proof.

Divinity IT Solutions has created attendance software in a variety of options that can be easily customized by organizations, businesses, and institutions based on their requirements. There is biometric attendance system, RFID based attendance system, face recognition attendance system, and web-based attendance system. All of these can be easily customized. In fact, it is imperative to customize these systems as the needs and requirements of every business will differ from each other.

The advantages of the customized attendance software by Divinity IT Solutions are that every business gets tailor-made software exclusively for them. This makes it easier to budget, as for example, a start-up will not need software that is of the same scale as a multinational corporation. So there is no need to pay for configurations that are of no use. With customized attendance software developed by Divinity IT Solutions, every business only has to pay for the features and capabilities that they require, nothing more and nothing less. The software can also be easily upgraded and features added to keep up with the growing business needs, which make it convenient as they don’t need to move to another software as needs evolve.

The customizable options in the software ensures that each business can tailor the features to suit the number of employees they have, the different kinds of working hours they may have, as well as the different locations that they may be working from (a feature which is possible in web-based attendance systems). We customize the software to reflect the unique data collection methods and configurations of each business. The customized software can also be made to integrate seamlessly with other software that is already in use in the company. It can effortlessly integrate with the payroll management system developed by Divinity IT Solutions, making it even easier to sync the data to generate error-free salary slips without wasting any time.

The attendance systems designed by Divinity IT Solutions makes viewing the attendance data easy from anywhere. It can also be easily exported and printed out as and when required. It makes it easy to generate patterns of individuals or groups and give feedback regarding their punctuality or productivity. It helps to promote punctuality and productivity among employees.

  • Customized Software Services at Affordable price

    In a technologically advanced world and the demand for the customized software solutions across industries is constantly increasing. There is numerous software’s accessible today that serves various purposes for the organization whether it is the management of data, processing of the task, security, and many other things. Well-designed software can do wonders to your organization and enhance its performance and functionality.

    Divinity IT Solutions has the all-embracing expertise, resources and years of experience to create a custom software solution that will meet all your needs in a fitting manner. We endeavor to keep the focus on the client’s specifications and deliver customized solutions designed as per requirements.

    We have a competent team of Software Development that is result oriented and provide solutions with the combination of appropriate and most recent technology. Our team is experienced and has acquaintance with the newest trends in the market. To provide a customized and robust software solution we do thorough planning and research, formulate a design, with a process oriented development methodology. We maintain the quality throughout and provide robust solutions that will enhance your organization’s performance and makes the functioning smooth.

    You can rely on us for your customized software solution needs, we ensure to deliver robust solutions on time. For any query, feel free to contact us today!

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