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Web Based Attendance Software

Web Based Attendance Software developed by Divinity IT Solutions is a state-of-the art software that every business will benefit from immensely.

Web Based Attendance Software For Easier Tracking

Tracking and recording attendance of employees, whether full time or contractual, is crucial for every business. This data has to be used by human resources personnel to calculate salaries, deductions, holidays, leaves, vacations, etc. Any errors in this system can result in gross miscalculations in the salaries and deductions, leading to complications later on. That is why it is important for every business, organization, or institution to have Divinity IT Solution’s web based attendance software that makes tracking of time and attendance that much more easier and effortless.
The advantages of this web based attendance software developed by Divinity IT Solutions is that it can be easily integrated into the existing payroll management system, especially the one developed by Divinity IT Solutions. It cuts down on time, money, resources, and paperwork. It is environmentally friendly. It frees up manpower to do other tasks that need to be looked into. It also gives an attendance system that is tamper proof and fool proof, which leads to greater accuracy when generating data related to the time and attendance itself or to the payroll system. It is also cost effective as it eliminates the need for expensive equipment that is stand alone or the need for anyone having to oversee the attendance being registered.
The web based attendance software allows employees to check in or check out from any location that has been specified by the organization. This is perfect for employees who are on the field most of the time. It saves them the time, resources, energy, and money required to come to the office just for the sake of clocking in their attendance. They can clock in their working hours from anywhere in the field which can be easily verified by their managers using the GPS feature.
This system also promotes more punctuality and efficiency among employees. Reminders and notes can also be sent as and when required. With this system, managers can see at a glance the working patterns of employees, whether they are chronic latecomers or absentees from work. Since the system cannot be tampered with and is secure, there is no possibility of any proxy attendance being taken or given either.
The system allows administrators to view and monitor employees clock in time, the location they are clocked in, and how long they have worked. With this system, business owners and managers have greater flexibility in deciding from where employees can clock in without additional expenditure incurred from having to buy or install separate time and attendance machines in separate locations. Since the IP address of every location is unique, you can know instantly where each employee is clocking in from.
The data generated from this system can be easily exported or printed out for greater accessibility. This system is also very easy to install and start operating so there is no waste of time incurred. It is also easy to maintain and update, so it grows as the company grows, with unlimited capabilities for any number of employees.
The web based attendance software by Divinity IT Solutions makes tracking employee productivity hassle-free for life!

Web Based Attendance Software

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Web Based Attendance Software

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Web Based Attendance Software
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