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Online Payroll Software

Online Payroll Software helps to calculate pay head and TAX calculation as per company rules.

Online Payroll Software For Seamless Management

Online payroll software is one of the latest technologies created by Divinity IT Solutions to help human resources and payroll management personnel manage their duties effortlessly and quickly. With this software, human resource personnel need not be tied down to their desks all day long. It can be accessed from anywhere, giving greater flexibility to collaborate, share data, discuss, generate reports, export and print reports, etc. The software is designed for intuitive use and seamless integration with other systems that may already be currently in use.
Divinity IT Solution’s online payroll software gives managers and administrators the entire database of employee payroll at their fingertips, easily accessible from anywhere online. All crucial data is easily stored, edited, and viewed at a glance from the system. The online payroll software is a secure and safe system that stores all the data reliably on the cloud or on dedicated or hosted servers, depending on the configuration decided on by the company. The payslips can be instantaneously generated. There is also no time lag in generating the payslips. There is also no possibility of error in the calculations. Any lag or error in salary calculations or deductions can result in employees getting demoralized or losing faith in the business or organization. With this system, you can rest assured that this would never happen.
This system can be easily integrated with the web-based attendance system designed by Divinity IT Solutions or any other kind of payroll management system. It helps to integrate data regarding late arrivals, absences, leaves, holidays, vacations, sick days, etc., easily into the system which is crucial to calculating salaries. Any error in this attendance calculation can result in errors in the payroll calculation as well. Having both systems developed by Divinity IT Solutions ensures that all the data is error free and tamper-free and foolproof.
The online payroll software makes it easy to calculate the tax deductions for various levels and categories of employees. Any deductions, contributions, or withholdings is also calculated easily and without any complications. These calculations can also be automated to streamline the entire process. Even loans and advances taken by employees can be easily assimilated into this system, so that all the data is under one roof for the human resources managers and administrators to take care of easily and effectively.
The system developed by Divinity IT Solutions is cost effective and environmentally friendly as there is no expenditure related to stationary and no damage to the environment with excessive paper usage. This system can be easily upgraded to match up with growing requirements of an expanding business. With the data being stored in the cloud, there is also significant savings related to hardware maintenance, software maintenance, and upgrades. It can be easily viewed and accessed from anywhere in the world. Since multiple users can access the system 24 x7, it increases the efficiency and speediness of the human resource personnel as well.
This system is as perfect for small to medium businesses as it is perfect or multinational corporations.

Payroll management system

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Payroll management system

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Payroll management system
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