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Door Access control Solution

The Door access control solutions developed by Divinity IT Solutions helps businesses provide a secure and safe working environment for employees and visitors,
as well as protect all the networks, infrastructure, and facilities that are in the premises.
It will help to prevent data and infrastructure from being stolen.

Door Access Control solution System Ensures Increased Safety

Door access control solution system designed by Divinity IT Solutions ensures that the safety and security of the personnel, infrastructure, and data systems of any business, organization, or institution is tamper-proof and is of world-class standards. These access control systems only allow authorized personnel access to the premises. It can also be configured to give different levels of access to the same individual. It helps to keep all unauthorized personnel out of the premises, thus taking the safety and security of your business premises up several notches.

Divinity IT Solutions has designed the door access control system to simply the security management. There is no need any more to keep track of multiple keys, passwords, locks, etc. There is also no need to lose sleep over lost or misplaced keys. If any employee has been terminated or has resigned, there is no need to be stressed out over the access permissions being compromised by them either.

Divinity IT Solutions has a wide range in the door access control system that has been designed to suit various requirement and different budgets. There is the standalone locks, proximity card access reader, door access with cards, door access with keys, a numeric combination access, as well as fingerprint and biometric door access control systems.

Standalone locks can be unlocked using a proximity card, keypad, or even a combination of both. They are powered by internal batteries that are replaceable. They are easy to install and can be operated as soon as they are installed. Proximity readers offered by Divinity IT Solutions are durable and easy to use. They are also cost effective. If any cards get lost, those cards can easily be deactivated and new cards issued, which makes it even more secure to use in scenarios when cards are lost or when people leave the organization without returning their cards. The keypad door access control systems are cheaper and easier to use but may be less secure than others as people have to key in their passwords. These can also be lent to others or carelessly written down somewhere which can be dangerous if they get into the wrong hands. Biometric door access control systems are the most foolproof option among these types of systems. They use handprints, fingerprints, and the latest ones even have retinal scans in use. They are more expensive but the most secure of the lot.

The computer software used to access the door access systems are easy to install and easy to use. They make it effortless to manage access to any number of exit or entry points in the building. No matter what the size of the building maybe or the number of doors that has to be controlled, the software makes it easy for administrators to control it all. Whether it is just one door or hundreds of doors, a handful of employees or thousands, a single-level building or a multiple-level building, managing the safety and security of the premises, personnel, and infrastructure is now easier than ever.

Access Control Solution

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Access Control Solution

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Access Control Solution
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